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Tumblr is a free blog platform much like WordPress or Google Blogs which has taken off like crazy. There are now more people using Tumblr than either of the others mentioned. For artist its ideal for sharing your art work with the world as it allows you to post high res photo’s of your art work.

Tumblr is free to everyone and does not load your web site with advertising which you have no control over or earn no income from.

There are 1000’s of theme’s you can use to personalize your blog both of the free nature and those a bit more professionally done which you pay for. If you are familiar with HTML and CSS you can create your own theme. You can check some of the themes out here: http://www.tumblr.com/themes/

Tumblr also allows you to build pages so you could put up an About Us or contact us, artist bio page. These pages are separate from the blog posts you’ll update daily and extends Tumblr to function more like a static web site.Tumblr has a huge developer community creating all sorts of useful apps for Tumblr that you can check out here: http://www.tumblr.com/docs/en/appsYou can use a custom domain or use dot Tumblr like I did for this article http://airbrushartist.tumblr.com/. A custom domain is a little harder to set up but would allow your blog to show up as a .com like airbrushartist.com rather than http://airbrushartist.tumblr.com/, you must own the domain of course to go this route.

If you have no experience building web sites Tumblr is a great choice to get your feet wet with having your own web site. For those of you that have web sites already adding a Tumblr blog is a perfect way to keep your potential customers updated on your latest work, just add a link from your web site to your Tumblr blog. The Tumblr blog I think you’ll find is much easier to update often (daily) as opposed to your web site.

Making use of all the social sites available like Facebook, Google + and Tumblr just increase’s your odds of exposing as many people as possible to your artwork. Like Facebook, Google+ Tumblr is very easy to quickly keep updated. 

For those new to the Internet, web sites I’ll walk you quickly thru how easy it is to get up and running with your own blog, web site and best of all it won’t cost you a thing. 
Step #1 – go to https://www.tumblr.com/ ….take some time to think about what you want to name your site. You can use your name or something related to the artwork you do. I chose airbrushartist if you airbrush t shirts maybe tshirtartist , or portarts maybe portraitartist would work best. Give some thought to this don’t just use the first thing that comes to mind as getting this right will help people find your site.
OK now that you’ve chosen a killer name for your site it’s time to sign up. Enter your e-mail address and password followed by your site name. So your site will be name-you-chose.tumblr.com, http://airbrushartist.tumblr.com/ is mine as an example.
Step #2 – Click the START POSTING button and you’ll be taken to your new web site, the default theme pictured above
Step #3 – Now if you want to change the them or look of your web site click on the them tab and all the available theme’s will appear. Scroll down to the free theme’s and chose a theme and click install and your web site will take on that theme. 



Step 4 —– With your web site now looking the way you want them wise time to add the basic info about your site and save it.




Step 5 — The info you just saved will appear in the title or header area of your web site as mine does pictured above.




Step 6 —- Now we’ll get our first post up using the dash board as pictured above. Selecting Photo works great for showing off some of your artwork.




Step 7 —- The Upload box will appear where you will select the pictures of your artwork and write about those pictures you’ve selected. Click Select post when you are ready to publish your post.




Step 8 —- Here you can see my first post in the dash board. To se your post live on your web site click on the link in the upper right hand corner of your dash board, it’s very easy to go back and forth from the admin area (dash board) to your live site.




Here you can see my first post live on my web site.

Conclusion: This couldn’t be easier folks and there is no reason not to take advantage of Tumblr to gain more exposure for your artwork. This was a very quick walk thru but there is plenty of info on using Tumblr both on their web site as well as on YouTube.

Start out small, simple and work your way up to using the more advanced features available for Tumblr. Should you need help please feel free to comment on this article. When you get your Tumblr site up be sure to link to it from Facebook, Google+ and your web site.

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