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Auto Airbrush Review

Createx Auto Air
Createx Auto Air
Createx Auto Air


Manufacture: Crearex Colors
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Createx Auto Air water base automotive paint.

Posted April 26, 2013 by

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Createx Auto Airbrush Review

Auto Air Colors™ are premium water-based custom paints developed by Createx Colors. Auto Air Colors Paint products include Sealers, Transparent Colors, Sparklescent Colors and Candy Colors. Auto Air Colors work well for graphics over existing finishes and for complete paint jobs. Colors are intermixable for a limitless palate of colors & effects not possible with other paint systems.


Auto-Air Colors AUTOMOTIVE PAINT PRODUCTS: including 4700 Series Auto-Borne Colors, 4600 Series Candy-Pigment Colors, 4500 Series Sparkle Colors, 4400 Series Color Shift Colors, 4300 Series Special FX Colors, 4200 Series Graphic Colors, 4100 Series Aluminum Bases, 4000 Series: Sealers, Additives, Cleaners.

Visit the Createx Auto Air Web site for tech info. AUTO AIR


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    I use both auto air and wicked colors both can be frustraing at times but the new reducer has really helped for water based paints createx makes the best i have used, nice color selection and price wise its pretty good


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