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SPARMAX AC-101 Airbrush Compressor

Sparmax AC 101airbrush compressor review
Sparmax AC 101airbrush compressor review
Sparmax AC 101airbrush compressor review


Manufacture: Sparmax
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Small airbrush compressor good for airbrushing with low viscosity type airbrush paints, equipped with pressure regulator, moisture trap and gauge set.

Posted April 13, 2013 by

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Airbrush Compressor Review- SPARMAX AC-101 Airbrush Compressor

The new AC101 “Windstorm” is similar to the AC100 in that they share the same motor unit. The main difference between the two compressors is that the Windstorm is fully automatic, delivering air on demand immediately when the airbrush trigger is depressed and shutting off automatically when the trigger is released. This compressor also features an upgraded and more accurate pressure control and moisture trap. Like the AC100, the Windstorm is supplied standard with a quick-disconnect fitting for remote placement of the moisture trap, although this compressor comes already fitted with a curly airhose, so no optional HEMK kit is necessary.

‧Motor : 1/8 HP AC
‧Automatic type
‧Preset 40psi on / 60psi off
‧Airflow : 12~16 lpm
‧Weight : 3.2kgs / 7 lbs
‧Size : L24 x W14.5 x H17 cm
‧Equipped With Pressure regulator, Moisture trap and Gauge set


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