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Iwata Great White Shark Airbrush Compressor Review

Grrat White Shark airbrush compressor review
Grrat White Shark airbrush compressor review
Grrat White Shark airbrush compressor review


Manufacture: Iwata Medea
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5/ 10

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Heavy duty airbrush compressor great for doing commercial T Shirts, will provide air for several artists at a time, silent you’ll never know its running.

Posted April 13, 2013 by

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Airbrush Compressor Review-Iwata Great White Shark Airbrush Compressor

The Shark line of silent compressors, developed with Mark “The Shark” Rush, run cooler and more efficiently, thanks to a host of design innovations. The Great White Shark features a 5/8 hp motor, a fan that blows air across the head of the motor, a radiator that cools the air before it reaches the coalescent filter and a large capacity 4-gallon air tank that sits at the top of the unit, allowing moisture to drop out of the line before reaching the tank.

Before reaching your airbrush, the air is filtered one last time after it leaves the tank. The Great White even looks different than other compressors with the components housed in a dual-roll bar cage-on-wheels for easy, safe transport.

· Large 4-gallon tank mounted above the motor for better balance and moisture separation

· 5-micron moisture filter is the final stage for assuring dry, clean air

· 99.99% efficient, the filter separates out oil and water BEFORE it reaches the tank. The maintenance-free filter automatically drains when full

· Rugged 5/8 hp motor designed with a finned head for maximum cooling and durability

· The pressure regulator provides accurate pressure settings from 0 ­ 100 psi, allowing the maximum use from your airbrush

· An extra-long (10′) and heavy-duty power cord allows direct connection into your power receptacle therefore eliminating any overheating problems developed by an undersized extension cord

· Sturdy wheels allow the compressors to be easily transported


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One Comment


    This is a great compressor I have had mine for almost ten years with no problems.
    Will run several airbrushes with no problem and its so quite you never hear it run


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