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GMC Syclone Airbrush Compressor Review

GMC Airbrush Compressor
GMC Airbrush Compressor
GMC Airbrush Compressor


Manufacture: GMC
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Bottom Line

I haven’t had a chance to use this compressor but from the video and spec’s seems like it would be a great all around airbrush compressor. If you own one of these compressors please take a minute to let us know about your experiance’s using it by posting a comment form below.

Posted April 13, 2013 by

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Airbrush Compressor Review – GMC Syclone Airbrush Compressor

Oil-Free – cleaner air for cleaner operation. Low maintenance. Two pressure gauges (tank pressure and adjustable output pressure) Two universal quick connectors (with 1/4″ NPT males included) (accepts all standard airbrush hoses we offer)

116 PSI Maximum Pressure / 110v / 60 hz – 7.6 Amps length 17.3” width 17” height 20”

Noise Level Comparison

85- 105 decibels: Typical compressor you would fine at the home improvement store.

55-58 decibels: most of the 1/6hp “studio quiet” compressors we offer.

30-40 decibels: the ½ hp super silent compressors we offer are rated at 30 decibels (same as a refrigerator)
The ½ hp Sil-Air and Val-Air are rated at 40-42 decibels respectively.

Look: 60 decibels: GMC 4610 & 4610A

Weight comparison

The 1/6 hp “studio quiet” compressors we offer weigh in between 15 lbs- 28 lbs

The “Silent” compressors we offer weigh in between 45 lbs and 75 lbs

Look: GMC 4610 weighs 53 lbs / GMC 4610A weighs 44 lbs

The GMC SYCLONE 4610 Air Compressor is designed to have a pump life cycle of 3000 Plus hours compared to other comparable air compressors with life cycles of 500 hours or less (Tank fill rate 125 seconds).


Check out the video below.


Please help your fellow airbrush artist out by commenting, rating this product using the comment form below. Thanks


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