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Airbrushes,Paint,Compressor Reviews

airbrush review
airbrush review


Part of the new airbrush magazine web site is a airbrush product review you can take part in even if you are not logged in here at Airbrush Technique Magazine. We encourage you all to register and take part here on the forum and product reviews and hope you’ll do so, it’s free to register of course.

We plan to add every brand of airbrush and airbrush paint  and compressor but that will take some time so please bear with us.

**Help your fellow airbrush artist, custom painter make a more educated, informed buying decision when it comes to spending their hard earned money purchasing airbrush equipement and supplies by posting your review, rating of airbrushes, paint and compressors listed.

You can take part in rating airbrush products even without registering and logging in:

airbrush review 1

Simply hold your mouse curser over RATE

airbrush review 2

A drop down list from 1-10 will appear simply click on the number you would rate this product and your rating will be recorded along with everyone else’s.

airbrush review 3

To become more involved with reviewing products register, log in (it’s totally FREE)  and use the comment form at the bottom every airbrush, paint product or airbrush compressor.

As always your feed back about our product review and the new web site is welcomed and encouraged we would love to hear from you. We look forward to your taking part here in the new airbrush magazine web site.