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Iwata Kustom KTR Airbrush Review

Iwata Kustom KTR airbrush review
Iwata Kustom KTR airbrush review
Iwata Kustom KTR airbrush review


Manufacture: Iwata Airbrush
Type: , , ,


Total Score
5/ 10


Bottom Line

Double action gravity feed airbrush pistol style trigger, Iwata model number 9400

Posted April 11, 2013 by

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Airbrush Review -Iwata Kustom KTR


Triggering the passion of spray-gun users, the TR airbrush proves easy to use. The long trigger provides commanding control of the airbrush spray.

· 0.30 mm “Matched Head System”
· Teflon needle packings
· Large, 21 ml (3/4 oz.) gravity fluid removable cup
· Spray-gun trigger design
· Pre-set handle


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One Comment


    Love this airbrush as well…I am lucky enough to have the entire Kustom set, along with a few other Iwatas. I like this one for set-up with a single color that I will use a lot during a project. The trigger action is fantastic and I experience far less fatigue with this style trigger set-up (wish all airbrushes had this!). I use this and my HP-TH a LOT and love them both. Screw off cup makes it really easy to clean.


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