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Iwata Kustom KCS Airbrush Review

Iwata Kustom KCS airbrush review
Iwata Kustom KCS airbrush review
Iwata Kustom KCS airbrush review


Manufacture: Iwata Airbrush
Type: , ,


Total Score
5/ 10


Bottom Line

Iwata Kustom KCS airbrush Designed to spray metallic, pearlescent and base-coat paints.

Posted April 11, 2013 by

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Airbrush Review –¬†Iwata Kustom KCS Airbrush

Double action gravity feed airbrush Iwata model number 9300.

The workhorse of the Kustom line, the CS features a large general-purpose nozzle/needle combination. Still maintaining fine-line control, the CS creates wide background sprays with fine atomization and control.

0.35 mm “Self-Centering Nozzle and Needle Combination”
Teflon needle packings
Large, 14 cc (1/2 oz.) gravity fluid cup
Taller trigger for extreme control of trigger action and paint flow

Optional Features:
Pre-set handle
0.5-mm Nozzle
Pre-Set Handle
Pre-Set Cut-Away Handle
Solid Ergonomic Handle
Crown Cap


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One Comment


    Overall this is awesome airbrush only problems that I’ve ever had with this airbrush is the painted cracking at the end and the valve getting crusty. This is one of the most durable airbrushes ever made. It is heavy has a huge cup, and is perfect for large scale were. It can withstand falls drops and has amazing pain and paint capacity. It also has a tighter line than your standard eclipse. Which is in part by its taller trigger, this airbrush also has very tight tolerances that means that goes from fine to medium. It doesn’t really ever do any of the large work that you would like it to do. The spray pattern is to fine and well atomized. Overall this is a great airbrush that is perfect as the middleman between a detailed airbrush and mini sprayer. Only thing I do not like about this airbrush is I feel that it’s overpriced for what it does.

    Ultimately there are a lot of other airbrushes on the market that can do the same quality work at a cheaper price point. Or you could just go with the standard eclipse and add a taller trigger. This will actually give you the results of more finger movement and less needle movement which equals the sensibility of more control. Overall I’m a fan of the price of parts and needles doesn’t sit well with. The badger renegade dozen much better detail and has a lot cheaper it also has a huge paint cup. I also felt that talon is a really underrated their airbrush it is one of the cheapest airbrushes on the market has some of the cheapest parts of the market and can do almost the same amount of work as the eclipse. Overall it comes down to feeling some people just along the way the talon feels.


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