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Iwata Kustom HP-TH Airbrush Review

Iwata Kustom HP-TH airbrush review
Iwata Kustom HP-TH airbrush review
Iwata Kustom HP-TH airbrush review


Manufacture: Iwata Airbrush
Type: , , ,


Total Score
5/ 10


Bottom Line

The first airbrush to create a fan-patterned spray. Pistol style trigger double action airbrush

Posted April 11, 2013 by

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Airbrush Review – Iwata Kustom HP-TH

Double action gravity feed pistol style trigger airbrush.

Triggering the imagination of auto-body touch-up and Kustom painting, the Kustom TH delivers unprecedented control of a fan pattern with a minimum of overspray giving it a unique advantage over mini touch up guns. Great for small areas such as chip repair, fender welds, door jams and other hard-to-reach areas. (fan pattern requires compressor with atleast 1.2 cfm)

· “Fan-Patterned” Nozzle cap
· “Round-Patterned” Nozzle cap
· 0.5 mm nozzle
· Teflon needle packings
· Large, 1/2 oz. (14cc) removable gravity-feed fluid cup
· MAC Valve (Micro Air Control)
· Spray-gun trigger design
· Pre-set handle
· Pistol Grip moisture filter included



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One Comment


    I can’t live without this airbrush. It has an interchangeable cap to give either a fan-shape spray or a round spray. It’s fantastic for coverage on larger areas, for doing base-coats on smaller parts (gas tanks, motorcycle fenders, RC parts, etc) and for large projects, such as wall murals. The trigger set-up is FANTASTIC and I wish all airbrushes were set up this way…I never get fatigued or trembling hands because I can just relax with a loose hold and pull the trigger when I need it. Dual action is easy to get used to and the transition between “air” and “air-and-paint” is easily discernible with a little practice. The cup is really a great size and allows for a lot of spraying without having to refill. You will fall in love with this airbrush.


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