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Infinity X Airbrush Review

Harder Steenbeck Infinity-X
Harder Steenbeck Infinity-X
Harder Steenbeck Infinity-X


Manufacture: Harder Steenbeck
Type: , , , ,


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5/ 10


Bottom Line

Harder Steenbeck Infinity X double action syphon feed airbrush for fine detail.

Posted April 20, 2013 by

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Harder Steenbeck Infinity X Airbrush Review

Meinrad M. Froschin Edition

The secret formula behind the impressively photorealistic works of the airbrush artist Meinrad Froschin is Certainly not just special airbrush equipment. But his work is proof enough did the Infinity X Meinrad Froschin Edition inspired by him satis fies even the most exacting demands. The Infinity X is an Infinity model with suction connection. The device is Supplied with a 0.15mm nozzle set. For the paint supply, the user has options including a cup with push-fit pipe to offset, or paint bottles Directly connecting to using adapters.


• nozzle set 0.15mm
• syphon feed system
• Quick Fix end piece with dial
• without color cup


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    cinefra francesco

    richpen spectra 003G ——–infinity airbrush recensione , quanto costano in euro ?


      Don Johnson

      I’m not sure how much how much it would be but if you ask the folks at they could tell you. As for the Richpen check out Steve can help you there.


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