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Infinity Airbrush Review



Manufacture: Harder Steenbeck
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5/ 10


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Harder Steenbeck Infinity Solo and Two In One double action gravity feed airbrushes.

Posted April 20, 2013 by

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Infinity Airbrush Review

Harder Steenbeck Infinity Solo and Two In One airbrush

The high-end airbrush instrument for professional artists not only sets new standards in design, so it offers intelligent functions and ergonomic excellence. The Quick Fix, with its engraved scale, Allows even more accurate paint-flow control. The lever resistance can be varied Individually. The open needle cap Ensures permanent control of the needle tip. The Infinity solo IS SUPPLIED with a 0.15mm self-cent ring socket-type nozzle. The 2 in 1 ie version includes additional 0.4 mm nozzle and at larger paint cup.

Infinity Solo
• nozzle 0.15mm
• 2 ml paint cup
• Quick fix end piece with dial


Infinity Two in One

• nozzle 0.15mm integrated
• nozzle 0.4 mm included
• paint cup 2 ml integrated
• paint cup 5 ml included
• Quick fix end piece with dial
• distance cap




Very nice airbrush I used one for a year or so never had a problem with either solvent or water based paint. Capable of doing killer fine detail in the right hands. Quality is top shelf this airbrush should last you for years. It’s fairly small so if you have small hands you should find it to be a comfortable fit. Being able to unscrew the color cup helped in cleaning the airbrush. Over all a great airbrush at a reason price.

Don Johnson


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    Have 2 of them (Infinity). Outstanding quality, NOT so expensive like other 0,15mm airbrushes, easy to get spare parts, very nice, thin line, really love it! Bad things: no cover for the cup and, considering it is made different from Iwata, you can not do stippling method (by removing the front part). My working horse last 2 years!


    Don Johnson

    Very nice airbrush if you have small hands like I do it fits very well. I prefer it to the Micron actually, parts are cheaper and it’s capable of doing the same degree of detail as the Micron. I’ve used it with solvent based paints no problem with the seals. I really like the trigger and action it has. Having the pre set back handle is handy as far as limiting the distance the needle travels. If you are looking for a good detail airbrush at a reasonable price I recommend this airbrush.



    Overall This is one of my favorite airbrushes, the overall quality is much better than most on the market. The price point is its greatest assets, the parts are very easy to find and the price of the parts is cheaper than most detailed brushes. The cleaning of this airbrush is easier than most detailed brushes. Also the paint tip is also easier to handle. Most people have never uses airbrush with 0.4 needle which actually makes this airbrush much more versatile. It is also lightweight and very sturdy. I like to clean this airbrush which most people hate to do. It has the most incredible trigger action and trigger feel. I have been using this airbrush for over five years, I have owned many airbrushes and by far this is the best bang for your dollars. As most airbrushes artists know there are lots of different products on the market, the bottom line is for the money you can’t go wrong with this airbrush. With that said I feel like most people should know that with any detail airbrush, the medium that you use needs to be tuned to the airbrush also the air pressure needs to be tuned. The thickest paint that I have been able to spray out of the bottle with a .15 needle is spectra tex. All time favorite!


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