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Evolution X Solo Airbrush Review

Evolution X Solo airbrush
Evolution X Solo airbrush
Evolution X Solo airbrush


Manufacture: Harder Steenbeck
Type: , , , , ,


Total Score
4.5/ 10


Bottom Line

Harder Steenbeck X Solo airbrush double action airbrush syphon feed for quick color changes.

Posted April 22, 2013 by

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Harder Steenbeck Evolution X Solo Airbrush Review

he Evolution – X Solo is constructed in the same way as the Evolution Solo model, but with suction connection. The Evolution X is available as “Solo” or as “Two in One” version. They are very well suited for textiles.

Futuristic design, functionality and technology A double-action airbrush for universal applications. The Evolution sets new standards in craftsmanship and functionality for a new millennium!

Features include:
*Innovative lever mechanism
*Self-centering socket-type nozzle
*Handling simplicity
*All Evolution-parts (cups, nozzle sets etc.) Among each other compatible
*Future-orientated system structure
*Brilliant spray characteristics
*Excellent cost/performance ratio

EVOLUTION-X Solo Includes:
*Nozzle set 0.4 mm
*Exclusive case
(Cup not included)


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