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Badger Renegade R1V Velocity Airbrush Review

Badger-Renegade R1V Velocity Airbrush Review
Badger-Renegade R1V Velocity Airbrush Review
Badger-Renegade R1V Velocity Airbrush Review


Manufacture: Badger Airbrush Company
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5/ 10


Bottom Line

The Renegade series airbrushes are superior to anything that precedes them from Badger in a dedicated custom graphics airbrush.

Posted April 11, 2013 by

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Airbrush Review – Badger Renegade R1V Velocity

Double action gravity feed airbrush.

Velocity R1V Features:
.21mm Paint Tip
6 Degree Linear Air Flow Angle
Spray Pattern – Hair Line-1″

The Renegade airbrushes aren’t for everybody – they are for the proven elite artist. This new airbrush series consists of three feature loaded airbrushes – The Velocity, the Spirit, and The Rage. The Renegades are for use in extremely detailed and tight graphic applications. These incredibly innovative airbrushes possess the most precise paint tip and linear air flow (needle) angle specifications, and feature manufacturing processes and materials technology never before utilized by the airbrush industry. Mickey Harris has helped design this line of airbrushes with Badger.


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    Ive tried the badger and it atomized well, solid detail, smooth trigger control, well build and feels heavy in the hand.

    Couple of things I didn’t like about the gun was that the need itself was very thin, for obvious reason it needs to be thin, but it seems to protrude out from the nozzle pretty far.. making it very easy to bend. The needle guard protects the needle well but does make it a little more difficult to “pick the tip”

    Over all a great detail gun, very sturdy and the entry price point for a detail gun is awesome. Lots of bang for the buck here.



    The badger renegade airbrushes definitely one of the best bang for your buck. If detail is your thing then this is the airbrush for you. The paint tip is the only thing that you’ll hate about this airbrush. It is tiny and really easy to lose. This airbrushes loves the paint to be really thin, which means you’re going to need to layer up the paint. Overall this is a great airbrush, but there are drawbacks.

    The first drawback is the drop tests you do not want to drop this airbrush on the front end. Basically if you are new to the airbrushing you will be overnight parts a lot. The paint tip is very fragile and is very easy to jam the needle to far and crack it. The body of this airbrush is heavy and super sturdy. Everything moves very smooth, atomization is perfect, and detail is perfect. Durability isn’t but the parts are very cheap. Having backups is must, because this is one of the airbrushes that you will definitely go through the needles and paint tips.

    I feel like for the price which I have seen as low as $70.00. This is an amazing products the parts are very very cheap. You can get a whole front end kit for around $15.00. That is the air cap, paint tip, and needle all in the same kit which could be $60.00 on many airbrushes. Which makes this one of the best detail brushes one the market. The key to this airbrush is to treat it with kid gloves. The part should go in a container during all cleanings, and thinner paint should always be used. Also going do force anything.



    love my Renegade, parts are easy to get and more affordable than parts for my Iwata’s
    it does take being gentle with and as said already you don’t want to drop it
    I haven’t tried any other Badger airbrushs yet but will be buying a krome soon I hope
    all in all a great airbrush


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