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Badger 155 Anthem Airbrush Review

Badger 155 Anthem airbrush review
Badger 155 Anthem airbrush review
Badger 155 Anthem airbrush review


Manufacture: Badger Airbrush Company
Type: , , , , ,


Total Score
5/ 10


Bottom Line

The Badger Anthem offers excellent performance, yet is easy for the novice to operate. Double action syphon feed for quick color changes.

Posted April 11, 2013 by

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Airbrush Review – Badger Model 155 Anthem

Double action syphon feed airbrush by Badger Airbrush Company

Badger’s Model 155 “Anthem” Double Action Airbrush is the most versatile, comfortable, reliable, and proficient airbrush Badger has ever made.

With Badger’s Model 155, there is no need for separate tips to spray different materials and consistencies. Anthem’s thinner diameter needle meets with the cone-shaped paint tip in a manner that enables a single needle to spray virtually any desired material, thus eliminating the need for fine, medium, and large needle/tip assemblies.

Anthem’s streamlined body design provides exacting balance and long-term user comfort, and its removable trigger pad improves feel and control. Needle removal and replacement is extremely fast and easy.


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    I like to think of the anthem as a chevy truck. A hard working dependable, easy to maintain chevy truck. haha..

    This gun has a dual taper needle, which is kind of like a 2 speed bike. where you can shift gears from a small needle to a large fire hose output by simply pulling back on the needle more.

    This is perfect for textile/tshirt work, and murals. Its solvent resist, so you can use automotive uro paints and waterbased.

    By far one of the most versital guns on the market..

    Some things i dont like about the gun are not so smooth trigger feel, which is usually fixed with a little lubricant, the oring around air regulator doesn’t normally seal.. again fixed with a little teflon tape..

    Thats it.

    super great reliable easy to fix and maintain gun at a great price. American made and replacement tips and needles are crazy cheap.



    These are the main stay of my business. I own several of them and I love them. So far this brush has done everything I have asked of it from painting portraits to mural work. I agree with the trigger, but a bit of lube and you are off to the races. Easy to clean, easy to repair when necessary, which is not often with a bit of care. I can’t say enough about them.


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