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Airbrush Magazine Issue 20

Airbrush Technique Magazine Issue 20


airbrush technique magazine issue 20

If you are interested in helping out with the next issue please be sure to read the GET PUBLISHEDpage. We welcome everyone in the airbrush, custom painting  community to help shape what will be published in the next issue.

Thanks goes out to all the artists that helped out with this issue.


Contributing artist issue 20:

*Fred Wagner t shirt portrait step by step

*Patrick Charuel wall mural step by step

*Brad De La Torre memorial bike step by step

*Danyell Butler t shirt design step by step

*Rene Romero t shirt design step by step

*Luc Bovin denim jacket portrait step by step

*John Avila striping and scrolling pin stripe step by step

*Blair Elliott Kicks Korner answering questions submitted by readers

*Harrydidit house painting by Liz French




If you would like the printed format of this issue it’s just $1.00 plus shipping. I only have a few of these left so get this issue while you can. Use the contact us page to let me know you are interested in this issue.



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