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Airbrush Magazine Issue 11

Airbrush Technique Magazine Issue 11


airbrush magazine issue 11


Thanks to all the artists that helped out with this issue Airbrush Technique Magazine . Of you are interested in helping out with the next issue please be sure to read the GET PUBLISHED page. We welcome everyone in the airbrush, custom painting  community to help shape what will be published in the next issue.


Artists Published In This Issue:

*Kimmo Jurvanen Sanata T Shirt design step by step

*Patrick Doddle portrait step by step

*Harrydidit Liz French Hard Rock guitar step by step written by Liz French

*Jammer Christmas stocking step by step

*Blair Elliott making a practice half tank step by step

*Don Johnson helmet graphic’s step by step

*Dean Schimmenti ground metal step by step

*Patrick Charuel Harley custom painting jeans design step by step

*Neil Roth temp tattoo step by step



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