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About Airbrush Technique Magazine

Airbrush Technique Magazine is published by folks who make their living by airbrushing, custom painting everyday. Our passion for airbrushing, kustom painting, kustom kulture you will find reflected in every issue of our magazine.

Each issue of Airbrush Technique Magazine brings together aspiring airbrush artists as well as world renowned professionals in one publication covering the complete world of airbrush art, custom painting, pinstriping, and graffiti art with step by step articles, artists interviews, product reviews and unique concepts in the realm of custom painting.

What you will not find is a magazine filled with cover to cover advertisements. The focus of this magazine is on the art and the contributing artists. Thanks to our sponsors we are able to publish more pages of useful content to help you improve your skills and knowledge with fewer pages of advertising than any other airbrush publication. If you are thinking about getting started in airbrushing or are an experienced professional Airbrush Technique magazine has something for everyone in each issue.

Airbrush Technique Magazine is published monthly (12 issues a year) in printed mailed to you format as well as digital format you view on your computer and iPad format via iTunes.

Q - Where can I find your magazine for sale?

DIGITAL FORMAT : OUR DIGITAL FORMAT STORE   Subscribe today to our digital format and get 3 free back issues that’s 15 issues for the price of 12….

Printed, mailed to you format: Current issues plus back issues can be purchased thru our print magazine distributor who exclusively handles the printed format of our magazine MagCloud.

iPad Format: The iPad format of Airbrush Technique Magazine is handled thru our FREE to download  airbrush magazine app  thru the app you can purchase the current issue as well as back issues. Check out AIRBRUSH MAGAZINE APP 



Q -Do you offer a printed format subscription of your magazine?

A - Because we are content drive not advertising driven, we don’t publish the magazine to sell advertising, workshops,DVD’s  like other airbrush publications the traditional magazine model (60 to 70% advertising per issue)  is not something we aspire to become. In fact we don’t actively sell advertising, we do have a few sponsors that help out and we thank them for their support.

At issue #22 we turned distribution of the printed format of our magazine over to the HP company MagCloud. Print magazine sales and distribution is all MagCloud does and we believe they can better provide service to our readers who enjoy the printed format.

You can follow Airbrush Technique Magazine there at MagCloud by signing up they will e-mail you as soon as new issues are published.

MagCloud ships issues world wide and accepts all major credit cards.


Q - Is your magazine mostly pages of advertising like the other airbrush publications I’ve seen?

A - Cover to cover per issue you’ll find more useful information in Airbrush Technique Magazine than any other airbrush, custom painting publication. We have no more than three pages of sponsor advertising per issue.



Airbrush Technique Magazine is the ONLY airbrush, kustom painting magazine to offer world class support to compliment the articles published in our magazine. Including the FORUM on this web site we publish the web sites listed below.

Airbrush Technique.Com - The magazine support web site complete with the oldest airbrush forum on the Internet, gallery to show case your artwork and the largests airbrush product review board on the Internet.

Howtoairbrush.Com - Started in 2004 as a web site that provided FREE airbrush lessons to anyone interested in airbrushing. We add new how to lessons as often as possible so book mark the site and check it often for updates. - Started in 2009 as a site that provides FREE kustom painting tutorials, painters forum, gallery. WE are presently rebuilding the site so check back often as we add more tutorials to the site. Join the painters forum, hang some pictures of your custom painting projects in the gallery.

Our YouTube Channel -—– AIRBRUSH MAGAZINE 


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